Sacred Circle Monthly Astrology - July 2019

Monthly Astrology July 2019

We enter a phase of twists, turns, and standoffs this month. Eclipse season seeks to wake us to the alternative realities of what we believe to be true. Mercury in retrograde motion is also woven into this time period, doubling down on how optical illusions in the microcosm and macrocosm offer teachings for the soul.

The invitations presented to us during this time are many. This month may lead to deeply questioning what it means to find balance between our expression and active listening. What are you so desperately wanting to put out into the world? Are you open to holding space for the same?

Retrograde motion in the sky calls us to review, reevaluate, and in this particular season, to reveal. What has been moving through the shadows of our personal and collective experience, our private and public lives? Despite possible assumptions, the abundance of Cancer and Capricorn energy will not stop short just so we can remain comfortable.

When we are faced with what has been hidden, there can be resistance to the release and restructuring of the walls we built around us and the long-term plans we placed in front of us. This is not necessarily a phase for finding solutions but rather experiencing brief moments of clarity about what the real question may be.

Be gentle with yourself. The next few weeks magnify the push and pull of our desires for wholehearted, authentic connections. As Brené Brown writes, true belonging is “about breaking down the walls, abandoning our ideological bunkers, and living from our wild heart rather than our weary hurt.”

Monthly Horoscopes

Read your Monthly Horoscope for July for greater clarity on the areas of life impacted by the energy this month. A list of astrological events in July is at the end of this post.

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Astrology Forecast July 2019

Dates are based on Central Time Zone (CT).

  • Friday, June 28-Friday, July 12: Saturn Rx conjunct South Node 17° Capricorn

  • Monday, July 1: Mars ingress Leo

  • Tuesday, July 2: New Moon / Solar Eclipse 10° Cancer

  • Wednesday, July 3: Venus ingress Cancer

  • Sunday, July 7: Mercury station retrograde 4° Leo

  • Monday, July 8-Tuesday, July 9: Mars / Mercury Rx conjunction 4° Leo

  • Monday, July 8-Tuesday, July 9: Uranus 6° Taurus sextile Venus 6° Cancer

  • Tuesday, July 9-Wednesday, July 10: Sun 17° Cancer oppose Saturn Rx / South Node 17° Capricorn

  • Thursday, July 11-Friday, July 12: Uranus 6° Taurus square Mars 6° Leo

  • Saturday, July 13-Sunday, July 14: Sun 21° Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 21° Capricorn

  • Tuesday, July 16-Wednesday, July 17: Venus 16° Cancer oppose Saturn Rx 16° Capricorn

  • Tuesday, July 16: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse 24° Capricorn

  • Wednesday, July 17-Thursday, July 18: Venus conjunct North Node 17° Cancer

  • Thursday, July 18: Venus 18° Cancer trine Neptune Rx 18° Pisces

  • Friday, July 19: Mercury Rx ingress Cancer

  • Saturday, July 20-Sunday, July 21: Mercury Rx / Sun conjunction 28° Cancer

  • Saturday, July 20-Sunday, 21: Venus 21° Cancer oppose Saturn Rx 21° Capricorn

  • Monday, July 22: Sun ingress Leo

  • Wednesday, July 24-Thursday, July 25: Mercury Rx / Venus conjunction 26° Cancer

  • Wednesday, July 24-Thursday, July 25: Mars 14° Leo trine Jupiter Rx 14° Sagittarius

  • Saturday, July 27: Venus ingress Leo

  • Monday, July 29-Tuesday, July 30: Sun 6° Leo square Uranus 6° Taurus

  • Wednesday, July 31: Mercury station direct 23° Cancer

  • Wednesday, July 31: New Moon 8° Leo

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