Sacred Circle Monthly Horoscopes - July 2019

Monthly Horoscopes Summary

Monthly horoscopes apply the astrological energy of the month to your birth chart based on your rising sign. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, read both to absorb the information most relevant to your experience. You can also send an email to if you have questions. I would love to connect with you.

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Monthly Horoscopes

Aries Rising / Aries

Pay close attention to how you cultivate connection with your biological and/or chosen family this month. You may feel like you are moving backwards with your creative projects and overall ambitions that live in your heart and along the horizon. When feeling like there is not enough to give, whether to yourself or others, ask more questions. Sit with the discomfort of not having answers. Sometimes the means is truly the end.

Taurus Rising / Taurus

Your relationship with information is highlighted this month. How it is received, processed, and communicated points to where there is disconnect between the details you are able to grasp and the insights you crave. You may feel like you are moving backwards with understanding where you belong. Is it a physical place? A group of people? Your own body? Home is not always concretely defined. Sometimes it is created over time.

Gemini Rising / Gemini

The means you have to acquire material things does not define your worth. This month could present opportunities around finances that feel quite illusive. Do not be discouraged if you need to come back to prior decisions and boundaries you made around money. What is money anyway? Looking at each transaction as an energetic exchange with the world around you could help clarify what you actually care about.

Cancer Rising / Cancer

This month offers the reminder that the seed of all things must be planted within you. Restructuring how you partner, how you create connection with another person also cannot be ignored. Take care with how you approach opportunities and people that feel like they are too good to be true. They probably are. Instead, seek clarity in understanding how you spend your resources, including time and money, and where energy leaks need to be addressed.

Leo Rising / Leo

There are many versions of you. There is one that is presented to the world. There is another that exists in dreams and the subconscious. One is not better than the other. Spend time this month noticing how your daily rituals and spaces support or detract from your health and state of being. Sometimes the external world mirrors the wounds beneath the surface of ourselves. Be gentle with yourself and what you discover.

Virgo Rising / Virgo

Do not be discouraged if groups and community spaces feel more vulnerable and tender this month. You are working through the subconscious layers of what it means to belong and find others who hold the same definition of friendship as you do. What feels like play can also involve subtle yet persistent emotional labor. Give yourself permission to change the rules of engagement as you see fit. 

Libra Rising / Libra

Backtracking with group promises, whether it is you or others pulling away, is not necessarily a failure to commit. Sometimes it opens opportunity to reconnect with the foundation of who you are. This month asks you to question how much of you is seen by others and how much of you is reserved for those who have earned access to your private world. Right or wrong answers do not exist. This is a process of experimentation.

Scorpio Rising / Scorpio

Sometimes the beliefs we hold are eclipsed by the reality of the events around us. This is a natural part of the process to determine what we truly believe and understand how to use whatever privilege we have to communicate the change we know needs to happen. Create space between this process and your reaction this month. What you believe and how you show up publicly need time to connect with one another.

Sagittarius Rising / Sagittarius

If you feel like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop financially, remember that control creates a false sense of security. When it comes to your relationship with resources, you are the authority on what you actually need versus what you want. Reevaluate emotions around money so that your decision-making aligns with the beliefs and values that are core to who you are.

Capricorn Rising / Capricorn

Sometimes what we let go says more about our approach to life than what we keep. Exchange between two people is not as straightforward as give and take. There is an energetic loop and spiral that does not necessarily fit neatly into boxes. If the calculations around relationships seem off this month, especially when it comes to shared resources and money, remember that time can help clarify whether a situation is worth the effort.

Aquarius Rising / Aquarius

Routines and the subconscious sense of security they bring may be illusive this month. Add to that the potential for miscommunication with others and life can feel pretty topsy-turvy. Remember that structures and rules dissolving presents the opportunity to recalculate what means the most to you. Whether done in solitude or with others, the work you choose to do every day for your healing is valuable.  

Pisces Rising / Pisces

There are spaces and activities that light you up, and there are those that drain you. Pay attention to how you experience group think and group energy this month. Notice if what you see mirrors back to you where you need to slow down, breathe, and question what feels authentic and what feels like performance. Create space in daily routine and rituals so you can reconnect with the beat of your heart.

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