Sacred Circle Weekly Astrology - 2019/06/23

Weekly Astrology Summary

Our growth expands by connecting with a variety of people and ideas. Diversity opens us to multiple perspectives that ultimately help enrich and deepen our own. Sometimes this exploration can also lead to feeling a bit lost in the complexity, not knowing exactly how to define our truth. That is okay. That is the process. Float in the moments of uncertainty.  

As we move through the spiral of processing our experience and the events of the world around us, we also need to build the courage to be seen wholeheartedly. We do not control whether we are heard, but that should not dictate whether we express ourselves at all.

This week may place a spotlight on how it feels to be different, to deviate, to chart our own way. As we lay down the tracks ahead of us, innovating as we go, we decide which structures to keep and which to let go.

Astrology Forecast

  • Sunday, June 23: Venus in Gemini Opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius

  • Monday, June 24: Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

  • Wednesday, June 26: Mercury Ingress Leo

  • Wednesday, June 26-Thursday, June 27: Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

  • Friday, June 28-Friday, July 12: Saturn Conjunct South Node in Capricorn

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