Sacred Circle Weekly Astrology - 2019/06/30

Weekly Astrology Summary

Across phases of history, eclipses have inspired fear and wonder. These events are impressive optical illusions casting darkness when light is expected, interrupting the usual experience to bring our individual and collective attention to the unusual.

As a result, solar and lunar eclipses can be misunderstood if exaggerated. The energy of an eclipse and cycle of eclipses is much more impactful if activating a specific planet or angle in your birth chart. Words that could be associated with how we experience this energy include revelation and realization. However, we must first move through the darkness, the concealment and sometimes obliteration, in order to experience what is revealed.

What is notable about the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday, July 2 is the movement of Mars and Venus before and after the event. Mars leaves the sign of Cancer to enter Leo on Monday, July 1, creating space and what may feel like calm before the storm, allowing us to take a deep breath before the plunge. Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, July 3, acting somewhat like the friend checking in on us to see what has transpired.

In a sense, this week presents a journey within a journey related to where the sign of Cancer is located in your birth chart. The effects will last longer than this week, creating a catalyst for a series of experiences in the next year or so. At minimum, you may receive a download or sign regarding what needs to be refreshed and started anew in that area of your chart. This event may also have the potential to create a significant shift in what you see and feel about the area of your life plunged into darkness so that it can emerge on the other side in light.

Weekly Astrology Events

Dates are based on Central Time (CT).

  • Friday, June 28-Friday, July 12: Saturn Rx conjunct South Node 17° Capricorn

  • Monday, July 1: Mars ingress Leo

  • Tuesday, July 2: New Moon / Solar Eclipse 10° Cancer

  • Wednesday, July 3: Venus ingress Cancer 

Weekly Horoscopes

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